Languages with Lauren

My name is Lauren Macrae and I am a Spanish, Italian and English teacher and translator. If you are looking for language lessons in Chippenham in Wiltshire I’d love to help! I also teach online via Skype.


I have a first class honours degree in Spanish and Italian with distinction in spoken Spanish and Italian from the University of Exeter (UK) as well as a Cambridge CELTA certificate (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.)

I graduated in 2007 and started my own freelance tutoring business in June 2013. I have taught people of all ages Spanish and Italian ranging from kids as young as 7 through to 60-year-old adults.

I have proven ability to help people achieve their goals of learning a language, broadening their cultural horizons and learning about new cultures. I have lived in Italy, Spain, Bolivia. I am a native English speaker.

Favourite things to teach …

I love teaching conversational English, as it gets students talking! I especially like talking with students about cultural differences and customs and traditions in their home cultures! I also love helping students understand Spanish grammar, especially the subjunctive which can be tricky for students to master.

Book your lessons

Please get in touch to find out more or book lessons! I look forward to meeting you!